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Schönfelder en Berg - Mammacarcinoom

Onderzoeken / Deep Oscillation

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Schönfelder en Berg - Mammacarcinoom

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1. FOR THE ORIGINAL PAPER (ENG LISH LANGUAGE) SEND AN E-MA IL AT Page 1 of 1 This article should be cited as follows: S CHÖNFELDER , G. & D. B ERG . Nebenwirkungen nach brusterhaltender Therapie des Mammakarzinoms. gynäkol. prax. 15:109-122 (1991). Institution: Marienkrankenhaus Amberg. Lehrkrankenhaus der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Amberg, Germany. Abstract BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE In the treatment of mamma carcinoma by mean s of breast safing procedures a combination of operation and radiation is applied. Typical side effects are fibroses, se nsitivity disturbances, skin alterations, edema, restrictions of movement and pain. The aim of this study was the evalua tion of the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION ® in addition to manual lymphatic drainage (mld). MATERIAL AND METHODS From February 1988 until October 1990 a total of n = 104 patients were enrolled. By Randomisation n=56 patients were assigne d to the treatment-group (mld with DEEP OSCILLATION ® ) and n=48 to the control-group (usual care: mld alone). RESULTS The treatment resulted in significant better re sults in the treatment-group compared to the control-group in the parameters “consistency”, “pa in and disturbances in sensitivity of the breast treated”, “skin alterations”, “arm m obility, fine motor response”, “Pain and disturbances in sensitivity of arm or axilla, loss of strength” and “lymphedema of the arm”. CONCLUSIONS The authors conclude that a mld assisted by DEEP OSCILLATION ® has significant better results than mld alone. As the therapy can be applied from the first day after surgery a prophylactic neofacilitation and neoformation of lymphpathwa ys seems to be possible. This can have effects on the prevention of a secondary ly mphedema. A follow-up of the working group proved a lower rate of secondary lymphedemas in the group treated with DEEP OSCILLATION ® . Literature


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